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The surroundings are a mixture of peace and quiet and hustle and bustle. State-of-the-art offices with a wide array of amenities actively help to encourage optimum performance. It is a case of efficiency fostered by environment and the workplace as a source of motivation.

The Frankfurt skyline on all sides. An unobstructed view of the kind available almost nowhere else. A wide-open expanse stretching out impressively before you. The mountains of the Taunus visible from the heart of the city. Extensive balconies with sky terraces from which to take in the view. The kind of luxury that many desire but few can have.

Example floor plan


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Example floor plan
Combined office

Office Space__1,398m²

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Example floor plan
Individual office

Office Space__1,481m²

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Digital excellence. A top-class innovative setting with amenities such as indoor navigation, beacon technology and digital booking systems. A high-quality experience within the building is coupled with exceptional flexibility and smart modernity. Whether to choose an open-plan office with a central reception area or discrete smaller units is decided solely by the user – not the space itself.

Platinum LEED certification targeted

Photovoltaic system

Exterior sun shading

Ultra-modern mini-kitchen and
lounge areas

Interconnected security and lift system with smart destination control


  • Keyless entry
  • Digital entrance gate
  • Lifts with smart destination control
  • Smart lockers for the changing facilities
  • Parcel delivery boxes with smart access
  • Option of app-based room control
  • Indoor navigation
  • Beacon technology
  • Digital booking systems
  • Digital community platform
  • Electric vehicle compatibility with smart charging management
  • Digital parking space management
  • App-based payment for restaurant and café

Working life at its best. All the amenities that the future has to offer. Well thought-out, easy to navigate and filled with light. Some have spacious balconies with sky terraces.

existing building

4th floor

Museum of World Cultures

3rd floor

Conference rooms

with digital booking service

2nd floor

In-house catering

with café

1st floor

Coffee shop

Ground floor

Concierge service, coffee shop

New building (tower)

5th–52nd floors

Office space

4th floor

Co-working area

2nd floor

In-house catering

with restaurant

1st floor

Additional facilities

Gym, Wellbeing

Ground floor


with outdoor area


Around 200 car parking spaces with electric charging stations, 600 bicycle parking spaces

Plan as at 2021

Usage concepts

Food and drink

Informed by tradition and yet modern at the same time. The high-end restaurant with elegant coffee shop are the perfect fit for the captivating architecture of the historic base building. Indulgence and well-being are the focus at all times here.


Artistic design and a free and open aesthetic. In addition to its primary use for office space, the Central Business Tower is also to be made accessible to the public. Inspiration flourishes when it is shared with others. Art makes an appearance on the fourth floor of the base building in the form of a branch of the Museum of World Cultures.

Additional facilities

Providing what’s really needed. After all, keeping tenants and visitors satisfied is what counts. There are plans for gym and healthcare facilities. All of them will be ultra-modern, high-quality and unique.

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