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Every day, whole new horizons to discover.
Every day, a way of broadening your own horizons.

That is exactly what the Central Business Tower, the new landmark on the Frankfurt skyline, stands for. The ambition behind it is to create an environment that prompts new ways of thinking every day and meets all the requirements for a modern way of working in 2027. All that right in the heart of the city and keeping pace with the times.

Dawn is breaking. The city is waking up. A sea of buildings glistens in the sunlight. The Taunus Mountains tower in the distance. It is a view of majestic beauty.

08:00 a.m.

You stand at the window. The entire city lies at your feet. People rush to work while birds fly through the bright blue sky.

One more sip of coffee, then you turn your attention away from this spectacle. You go through your agenda for today. There’s a lot to do. Time to get started.

10:00 a.m.

Some healthy juice and a quick snack. The bistro in the lobby is a real hidden gem. Now, time for a quick detour to the fourth floor to pick up the new exhibition catalogue for the museum. You have a customer with an interest in art, and she will appreciate the thought. Your forthcoming presentation won’t be a problem. You’re ready.

01:00 p.m.

After a successful meeting, it’s time to go outside, even though the building’s own restaurant is exceptional. Meeting friends for lunch at the Italian place on the nearby “Fressgass” is a chance to combine pleasure and practicality and create some new memories along the way.

04:00 p.m.

You can take a look at the quarterly figures in the park next door as well. You just need to take the lift down and step into the greenery of the wall park. Spring is in the air. A short stroll will make it much easier to concentrate.

06:30 p.m.

One more e-mail and it’s time to sign off for the day. The sky over Frankfurt is bathed in a copper-red glow. How about a drink at your favourite bar? There’s an S-Bahn stop right on your doorstep. A relaxed dinner on the “Fressgass” could also be an option for finishing off the day. Just do what your gut tells you. You’ve already made the most important decision of all. You’ve turned your ‘one day’ into ‘now’. You are here.

Twilight falls. The last rays of sunshine gradually make way for the city lights scattered across a dim, grey background. A feeling of relaxed satisfaction washes over you. A whole new world opens up before you.

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